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Who are we?

We are a team of professionals led by Inma Abellán and Jorge Portas, united by a love of the sea and a passion for creating unique moments.

We have extensive experience in the world of leisure and entertainment, so the possibilities are endless. For this we have developed different experiences where you are now the protagonists. From the perfect sunset to flying over the sea with our sports activities. You decide how you want to enjoy yourself.

Boat Experience Barcelona | Experiencias únicas sobre el mar | Puerto de Barcelona

Our main value as a company is to make you the protagonists of those moments, because we know that every little detail ends up making a big difference.

The beginnings of Boat Experience

Boat Experience is fully dedicated to nautical sports activities in Barcelona: from boat rental, transfers, day and night experiences; available to all fans or those interested in nautical sports. Available 12 months of the year, thanks to the climate of this wonderful city that allows a pleasant navigation enjoying the charm of the Mediterranean.

In addition to this, we would like to highlight our extensive experience in the leisure, tourism and entertainment sector. From Boat Experience Barcelona we organise all kinds of events and parties by boat, sailing along our coasts. We organize events; charter, rental with/without skipper for all kinds of celebrations. At Boat Experience we personalise the service to the taste of each client, designing their own experience giving them the choice of date, time, music, activity and offering a wide range of possibilities.

From celebrating a bachelor/bachelorette party in an original way, a birthday party, anniversaries or romantic dinners full of glamour. To celebrating meals or business meetings in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Unique photo shoots, tastings and/or tastings or product presentations.

The most important thing for Boat Experience is the satisfaction of our customers and that is why we work every day. We offer quality in all our services.

Experiences are not worthwhile for the time they last, but for the traces they leave behind.

Inma Abellán

Inma Abellan | Boat Experience Barcelona

Jorge Portas

Jorge Portas | Boat Experience Barcelona

Port of Barcelona

We know the coast of Barcelona and its surroundings in detail.

Port of Barcelona

The Port Olímpic, the Port del Forum, El Garraf… We reach everywhere.

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